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We provide commercial photography services in Bangkok, Thailand and around. We produce product photography work for online catalogue, or higher resolution for publishing. Photo shoot can be studio based or on your location, in your office or factory.

Our main Service: Commercial Photography especially Hotel, Resort, Building and Products.
And more services.

Some Projects

iPad - iPhone5 Case Baan Golden Resort
iPad - iPhone5 Case Baan Golden Resort
Cabaret Show Catholic Church Wedding
Cabaret Show Catholic Church Wedding
Credit Card Case Genuine Leather Bracelet
Credit Card Case Genuine Leather Bracelet
Shoes Product Protography Signalling and Telecommunications
Shoes Product Protography Signalling and Telecommunications: Asia
KR Golf Studio Muay Thai - Kick Boxing
KR Golf Studio Muay Thai – Kick Boxing
Alea Karin Portrait The Offitel - Sukhumvit Road
Alea Karin The Offitel - Sukhumvit Road
The MobiKase Thailand Chiropractic (C-care Clinic)
The MobiKase Project Thailand Chiropractic
Toyota Prius The bora bora - Bed and Dream Bungalow
Toyota Prius Project The bora bora - Bed and Dream Bungalow

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Underwater Photography Tips

Written by  on March 21, 2013

Underwater photography is a popular hobby as well as serious profession for many individuals who are in love with and fascinated with the rare and beautiful life forms they find in the water. However, taking photographs when in water is certainly not easy- especially for someone who is not even used to being submerged in water for long periods. However, for enthusiasts who want to take up the challenge, here are some tips to help you take your best shot. Also, always keep in mind all safety precautions to avoid Londonhyperbaric bends diving.

Underwater Photography 500x382 - Underwater Photography Tips
Photo: divinginstructorcourse.com

  1. Be at ease first: Water is certainly not one of our natural surroundings. So if you’re new to this world, you need to spend some time to allow yourself to get comfortable and relaxed in the new environment. You may want to spend some extra time exploring the area first, or take a few trips to just swim around and get familiar with the surroundings, before taking your camera and gear to start taking photos. Take a few safety lessons as well so that you avoid accidents and Londonhyperbaric bends diving. Read more…

How to take good Underwater Photos

Written by  on January 25, 2011

Following up on a previous article on this site about underwater cameras, let’s talk about how to take good underwater pictures. Underwater photography is definitely different, and obviously more difficult, than photos taken on dry land; the light behaves differently, stability is more difficult to achieve, and your subjects are more mobile. So after reading this article we hope that you will book a trip to your favourite dive site, buy good travel insurance, and take amazing photos that you will want to show to your family and friends.

2773050933 2ec8c30252 - How to take good Underwater Photos
Photo: ParaScubaSailor

First, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with your equipment and with photographic techniques in general. Do not expect that it will come on its own, even with the highly automatized cameras of today. They can only do so much, and the human eye still has a great influence on the quality of a photo. There are a ton of books and Internet articles about photography, to spend a little time getting to know the language and the techniques. When you know about photography in general, spend a bit more time learning the specifics of underwater photography. It is very different: you need to remain close to your subject without disturbing it, you need to understand how light works and refracts underwater, and you need to understand focus and framing for truly good pictures. Read more…