Taking The Perfect Holiday Snaps

Written by  on August 29, 2013 

Photography has moved on a lot over the years. Now, consumers can snap away while they are on holiday using specialist digital cameras, their mobile phones or tablet devices. Also, once they have got all the images they want from their trips, they can create photo books online. These books allow people to see their pictures in print rather than simply on a screen, and they can make superb mementoes. Often, they are handed over as presents too.

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However, for the best results people need good vacation photographs. Luckily for anyone lacking in knowledge and experience, there is plenty of advice available online. For example, speaking to the Daily Telegraph, photographer Charlie Waite offered some helpful hints.

The expert drew attention to the importance of choosing good subjects. About this, he remarked: “Whenever you can, take a moment or two to consider the photograph to be made. It really pays to investigate what lies in front of you and to attempt to ‘see’  what is there rather than merely looking. Seeing through, beyond and around the image displayed in the viewfinder, or on the screen, is crucial; no painter would neglect any particular part of the image and nor should a photographer. Perception is the key to good photography; owning a really good and expensive camera is not. Driving a Bentley does not make you a better driver.”

According to the specialist, it is important for people to trust their instincts when it comes to image composition.

On the topic of colour, Mr Waite stated: “Digital photography offers limitless opportunity to modify and enhance the image, but our sense of what ‘looks right’ prevails. Even untrained eyes would question a once-blue sky that has become indigo or violet, or grass that appears fluorescent.” He added that it is important to maintain “photographic integrity” and to produce images in which the colours appear as they were seen at the time the snaps were taken.

It is important to take advantage of variables such as weather conditions, he added. For example, in the clearing skies after rain, the atmosphere has been cleansed, meaning that colours appear more vividly.

These days, it is easy for people to take lots of images, sift through them to find the best and then add them to attractive photo books. The process of creating such books online is straightforward and it takes a matter of moments.

However, people have not always had it so simple. Drawing attention to this fact, Mr Waite remarked: “For our Victorian predecessors, film was an expensive and precious commodity and, accordingly, each image was the result of a great deal of thought.”

He added that the presentation of images was just as important and Victorian photo albums were “grand affairs, meticulously constructed, with every image accurately captioned, each album a work of art in itself”.

Meanwhile, offering further advice, he suggested that people should delete the worst of their photos. According to the expert, having “several external hard drives full of unwanted photographs is bad for a photographer’s morale”.

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