The 5-Minute History of Wedding Photography

Written by  on September 3, 2013 

Weddings are always considered to be a cause for celebration. After all, what could be more joyous than two people united in marriage, surrounded by friends, family, and even perhaps some business associates? The idea of capturing as many images as possible of that glorious day is of paramount importance, not only for the newly-weds themselves, but even for other people in attendance.

Butterfly - The 5-Minute History of Wedding Photography

It used to be, when the only form of recording the event was painting, that only the rich and powerful could afford to have an official portrait done. Often, it was done several days before or after the event itself. After all, there was no hope of having the newly-weds pose for hours on end in the middle of their ceremony, just so the painter could get it right. But all that changed when photography came around.

A professional Dorset wedding photographer can make that special day even more so

It Wasn’t Always So Easy

Back when photography itself was invented, towards the mid-19th century, the equipment and processes involved were fairly crude. At least they produced a print that the newly-weds could keep. However, the extreme limitations of the technology of the day forced the couple to have their picture taken in a studio, even then, either before or after the actual ceremony itself. It took almost another hundred years before the technology behind photography advanced to the point where, not only were colour pictures easily attainable, but the equipment itself allowed for photographers to actually take pictures during the actual ceremony, either indoors or outdoors.

Even so, the equipment was extremely bulky and heavy when compared to what is available today. But innovations such as using a flash to fill in shadows and other techniques allowed the final results to be quite acceptable. Even the idea of creating an actual photo album of the wedding itself became quite popular, especially after World War II, when there was a huge increase in the number of newly-weds.

Butterflies as a Backdrop

We certainly have had a wonderful summer here in the UK, and apparently we humans are not the only ones who have appreciated it. The Dorset Wildlife Trust took a census of the butterfly population and found, to their great delight, that many variations had dramatically increased over the summer. They counted over 400 dark-green fritillary butterflies near Fontmell Down, among other locations. Even the rare silver-studded blue butterflies were found to have dramatically increased, especially at the Upton Heath nature reserve near Poole. Not only do they add a sense of beauty to the surrounding landscape, but if the timing is just right, they could make an excellent addition to any wedding photography scene.

Immortalising That Special Day

For that very special day, you want images that will not only last forever, but that will also express the joy and happiness of the newly-weds — and all of the participants involved. For this reason, for a special wedding in the Dorset area, you don’t want to choose just any Dorset wedding photographer.

You want a real professional who has demonstrated the ability to produce the type of pictures that you will cherish forever. As they say, these memories will last a lifetime.

With any luck, a couple of Dorset butterflies may even gently float into the picture as well.


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