The Advent of Digital Event Photography

Written by  on August 21, 2013 

Ever since decades, photography is a profession that is always decked up. Whether it is a corporate event or a business meet or a wedding or even a prom night, event photography always something that has been the in-thing and the most demanding profession. Early years saw witnessed event photography in association with a photo lab that gave life to the pictures. However, with modernization and trendsetting developments in every nook and corner of the world, the event photography profession has also seen the change with the advent of digitalization.

Event Photography 500x330 - The Advent of Digital Event Photography

Modern day digital processes involve the latest state of the art Dye-Sublimation printers that help to create a quick and efficient workflow.

What Events can be Essentially Covered in Event Photography?

As the name implies, event photography covers almost any outdoor or indoor event that is organized in today’s world like

  • Weddings
  • Prom nights
  • School proms
  • Dog Shows
  • Black-tie dinners
  • Moto-sport
  • Sport events
  • Social Functions
  • NGO and fund raising events
  • College and school festivals
  • Business meets and conferences
  • Product Launches
  • Sales Meets
  • PR functions and events
  • Celebrations of achieving targets in an organization
  • Awards and recognitions to name a few

Event photography can be defined as any event where there are professional photographers who ensure to click all the best moments of the event. This can be possible in house as well, if you have someone who is an expert in this feat. However, many a times, business houses and corporate giants involve professionals with an eye to get the pictures printed and then sell them to the clients. It also involves events where the photographers click specific pictures that are clicked with a view to sell them on the internet or to clients.

Features of Modern Event Photography

Modern day event photography is adequately equipped with state of the art features and equipment that brings life to the pictures. They are essentially designed in respect to high quality pictures with a high resolution that can be used for varied purposes like marketing and promotion in specific.

  • Digital SLR camera – Single Lens Reflex
  • Any other modern camera with a minimum of eight megapixels
  • A highly able storage memory card
  • Ability to tether the camera to the wireless link or a server for transferring the pictures

Event photography involves the pictures to be uploaded on to the central server where the photographs are made viewable for the clients. Upon viewing the hundreds of pictures of the event, the client or the customer will be able to view the images and select the ones that are required. Upon making the selection, the pictures can be connected to the Dye-Sublimation printer directly and mounted in the desired frame and packed for the sale. These printers are a value addition to event photography as they help to give out the best and high quality prints for the customers. The benefitting feature of the printer is that the pictures dry up immediately and can be handed over to the client instantly. Also, they come with a coating that is water-resistant in order to increase the durability of the prints. Ultimately, the entire idea of event photography is to click the best candid moments and special pictures that will make the event memorable and moments that can be cherished at all times.

Added Requirements for Event Photography

Choosing the right equipment for event photography entirely depends on the venue and time of event. The lights, the camera accessories and other requisites of the camera depend on when and where the event is being organized. Like for example, if it is an indoor event, may be a school prom, then the photographer is required to have add-on accessories that give a studio setup. These may include a photographic backdrop and even a portable light setup in specific to studio environment. Maneuvering outdoor event photography includes events like sports contests and competitive sports like Moto-sport, horse trials, car racing etc. For such events, the photographer should be adequately prepared with a trailer, marquee or a van. In addition to this, the vehicle must be well connected to a generator. Other outdoor events include weddings, award functions and celebrity nights where the photographer needs to be well prepared with the set up in a stable mode. That is, should be able to click zoom views, face shots, portrait pictures and group pictures. These kinds of events also include photography where the guests and the crowd are also pictured.

It is a cybernetic world today and event photography is one of the most in-demand professions as every individual is hooked on to the internet for even the smallest of the things. Businesses can take advantage of the event photography with a view to gain publicity.

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