The Benefits of Using Mirrorless Camera

Written by  on February 2, 2013 

The Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera or MILC is now gaining popularity as a class of digital system cameras on its own that is equipped with an interchangeable lens mount unlike other compact digital cameras. It is also different from other DSLRs as it does not have a mirror-based optical viewfinder.

Canon EOS M 500x400 - The Benefits of Using Mirrorless Camera

Large digital camera manufacturers are now jumping into the bandwagon with their own version of MILC including brands like Sony E-mount, Micro Four-Thirds mount for Olympus, and the Samsung NX-mount. These also include Nikon 1-mount, Pentax Qmount, K-mount for Pentax DSLRs, Pentax large-sensor MILC, and Canon EF-M mount.

MILC holds many distinctions, but foremost of which is the weight of the camera itself. With most DSLRs, their viewfinder employs the traditional mirror system, which adds to its bulk. It also provides the benefit of being small compared to its traditional counterparts to allow for more room in your bag for your different lenses, filters, and iPad.

Though its size makes it look like an inferior point-and shoot camera, do not be fooled, as it makes it up with its great lenses and good-sized image sensor, which can produce great results. Besides, while a normal point-and-shoot digital camera has a sensor that is 1/2.5 inches or 25 sq mm in area, MILCs sensors are nine times that size or 225 sq mm or larger. It also allows you to have different sizes of formats for your photos.

Using mirrorless camera can also greatly reduced shutter noise and with its fewer moving parts, it is more durable and will less likely break over time.

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