The Different Types of Photograph

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Capturing photos to express and freeze moments we cherish so much for reliving later has always been a big part of people’s lives. Photography in many ways is a democratic art form, and a powerful medium of both self-expression and communication. We all love to take pictures, be it for a perfect Instagram post or casual documenting of the environment. But how much do we really know about photography? Here is some area on the subject as we learn about its importance and different types.

Aerial Photography by Drone - The Different Types of Photograph

Aerial shots are taken from an elevated position, and are best to capture a beautiful landscape or top view of a certain place. Often, aerial photography is done from an aircraft.

As the name suggests, amateur photography is done by people who have no experience in the field. It is also sometimes known as Vernacular photography where unknown photographers (both amateur and professional) use everyday life and common things as subjects.

This is a type of photography that involves adventure, like sports events, daring feats, challenges and other adventurous activities.

This is a type of contact print photography wherein an object is in junction with a photographic plate which in turn is connected to a high voltage power source, therefore creating an aura which is captured in the image. This type of photography is sometimes referred to as aura photography.

Here, the camera is set up in a way so that it will be able to capture photographs with long exposure and produce something that indicates the passing of time while certain things are portrayed as moving objects. One great example of this type of photography is a picture showing a certain street with car lights shown as blurred lines.

As the term implies, this refers to photographs taken underwater. The photographer may take images under a pool, lake, river, or the sea to capture what’s happening underneath.

Black and white photography is not just photography showing pictures in black and white. Black and white photography explores the shapes, tones, textures, art and the bare beauty of the subject or model. Two of the most important components of black and white photography are shadows and highlights.

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