The Importance Of Corporate Photography

Written by  on April 14, 2014 

Today, most companies have a great need for photography and not just for their advertising. Photography is a way to reach out to a company’s target market and really tell their story in an engaging way. People these days do not want to hear about why a product or company is so great; they want to see it. They want to be shown and convinced that this is where they should do their business and corporate photography is a great way to extend a company’s marketing influence.

Photo shoot - The Importance Of Corporate Photography

Photos provide a great way to express a company’s message through brochures, trade magazines and on websites. Companies often hire photographers to take photographs of their employees for things like annual reports, newsletters, recruiting and public relations purposes. Corporate photography is so widespread that advertising photography is seen as a completely different field. Clearly, it is a key area for any company to invest in if it is looking to expand its customer base and improve profitability.

What is corporate photography?

Corporate photography is essentially using photography for any of a company’s needs, excluding advertising. It does not describe a particular style of photography; it can range from formal to wildly creative, depending on the company’s needs and preferences. Many styles, from documentary to portrait, architectural and artistic are all used in corporate photography.

Corporate photography in marketing

Marketing relies heavily on photography, because the vast majority of us are affected by visual elements. When a company wants to tell its story it is not enough to rely on words alone. People want to see pictures, feel the images and experience a connection with the story. Photography is arguably the best way to achieve this and today marketing is so much more than billboards and television commercials. Social media is the new platform for successful marketing and companies are jumping on board. One of the cornerstones of social media is photography. Think about sites like Tumblr and Facebook, where millions of people spend hours each day browsing through photos, entranced by what they see. This is a major opportunity for companies to reach out to their potential market, telling their story through engaging images and making the consumers want even more.

Whether it is a photo of the product, of the team culture, the environment or anything else related to a company, corporate photography is what makes it happen. Dreamstime Stock Photos is a great place to see excellent examples of corporate photography.

Investing in corporate photography

For most companies, an investment in quality corporate photography is an investment in their success and future. There is no going back with marketing and consumers are looking for companies that are prepared to reach out and grab them, to hit all of their senses. Creating an engaging and inspiring message is crucial to finding success in today’s challenging economic climate. The versatility of corporate photography provides an excellent way to create engaging messages whether in hard copy form or electronically.

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