The Top Reasons to Get Married in Ibiza

Written by  on May 25, 2013 

Tour operator First Choice has recently named Ibiza in their top three wedding destinations, and it isn’t hard to see why. Ibiza is traditionally known as one of the great party islands, but there is a serene and chilled side that is a well-kept secret. There are gorgeous gardens, beautiful white beaches, and above all, a very good chance that there will be sunshine and warmth. In fact, I got married there last year – I had a small gathering of friends and family in attendance and it was perfect. Here are my top reasons why you should get married in Ibiza too…

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The scenery
Have you ever looked at your friends’ wedding photographs and thought, “really nice, but it’s a shame about the backdrop”? There are of course beautiful places to get married in the UK but a stunning blue sky and turquoise waters can’t really be beaten in my opinion. When I’m away in the Balearic Islands, I can’t help but gaze at the sandy coves, tree-lined cliffs and shining seas gently lapping at the shore. My own ceremony was held on the beach – we had white chairs, white fabric and gorgeous Mediterranean flowers dotted about.

The photographs
This takes us nicely to the memories that you can take away. When you’re looking for the types of wedding photography Ibiza has to offer, you’ll certainly find something that suits your needs. I chose a UK professional who also shoots wedding photographs in Ibiza as I felt it would be important for easy communication in my native language – English. He perfectly captured our chilled out wedding, the scenery and all of the little touches that made the day personal to us.

The climate
The number one reason I wanted to get married in Ibiza was the climate. I was clear on the fact that I wanted there to be sunshine and warm weather on my special day, and in the end I was blessed with blue skies and a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius – perfect! I wanted an outdoor ceremony, and I didn’t want to worry about getting wet! The guests who attended were also pleased as it meant they could also have a holiday on the island with plenty of tanning time before the wedding.

The vibe
I admit, there is another idea I wanted to go to Ibiza; I do actually enjoy the clubs. Despite wanting a relaxed wedding, I had my hen do there a few days beforehand and it was amazing! A few of my closest girlfriends joined me partying until dawn before we recuperated the next day beside the swimming pool; it was the perfect chance to work on our tans for the big day.

About the author
Claire Jefferies is a blogger who got married in Ibiza last year. She and her soon-to-be husband looked at the wedding photography Ibiza had to offer before settling with the right professional to capture the beauty of their day. They are returning to the island this year to celebrate their anniversary.

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