Tips on Producing A Truly Unique Wedding Video Yourself

Written by  on May 3, 2011 

If you are going to record your video or doing it yourself, there is a lot more to it than just recording the footage and showing the CD. Read this article and you will get some great ideas on what you can do yourself. A professional company might have the time to do what you are looking for, and with today’s technology, it is not difficult to put something together yourself.

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Editing is just as important as recording footage. Just like you spend time getting your wedding planned right and all that party hire, if you want to make a video, that is more than just the regular wedding video, you will have to start recording long before your special day. Of course it helps to have a natural flair, and if you are inclined, here is a look at some great ideas and how to go about it. Before I get into the tips, I wanted to let you know that if you’re looking for quality wedding dresses at good prices try

  • Good Camera. Getting an excellent camera is not the issue it once used to be. Look for one with real zoom (vs digital zoom), and a high number of pixels. There are many cameras on the consumer market that are good enough for TV. Make sure you have a good quality microphone.
  • Learn Some Basics of Recording. There are some simple rules to recording footage that will make the whole thing look better. It is not as hard as you think. There are plenty of sites on the internet that will give you some basic tips, that will improve the quality of your footage. Learn simple tricks of zooming, light and angle. Many people forget to take a ‘B’ reel. All that extra footage will be used later to add depth to the story. These are to be edited in and around the main footage, and will make your video really ‘pop’.
  • Editing Tips. Editing tips again, like recording, are not that difficult to learn. With a few basics, you can take your editing skills to the next level. With basic knowledge, it is possible for someone to produce a very good quality final product. It will only take a little practice. Combine a few editing tips, with footage recording tips, and you will be impressed what you end up with.
  • Software and Hardware. If you have a newer laptop it will come with standard video editing software. Apple Mac is famous for software that is easy to use and produces top quality output. If you are just beginning, it is best to go with Apple. They are far easier to use. Windows will never admit it, and you don’t know how easy they are use, until you do. Many people think computers, both software and hardware are complicated, because all they have ever used is a PC. Throw it in the bin where it belongs, and go Mac. You will never look back.
  • Brainstorming? Half of a good production will come from your angle. Why not start recording your footage early. Include all those funny moments where you were frustrated, annoyed, and over excited. Ideas for your storyline will come along with your footage. Sometimes if you plan too much, you might lose the full potential of what you could create. Getting the footage is your first real issue. You can have fun developing more ideas when you get to the editing phase. You might allow friends to capture what they want and submit it for fun? You might need a professional, someone who really knows weddings (event hire companies can probably recommend the right person), for the actual day, and combine that with all the footage leading up. There are so many options and ideas. The key is to get the footage first. Let your editing ideas grow organically. You might even end up making a couple of different videos.

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