Tips to Make Your Wedding Photography Extra Special

Written by  on August 3, 2013 

Everyone wants a wedding photographer for their big day. It’s the best way to capture all the best moments and gain some special pictures of the couple, the family members and any important and close friends. However, how do you make the day extra special with your photography? Here are some tips to help you out.

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Find a Photographer You Can Trust
You want to get samples of wedding photo shoots that a photographer has done. Make sure you ask to see ones from similar events. Wedding photography is very different from birthday parties, family get-togethers and other low key events. You need a photographer who is able to capture all those special moments and even the spur of the moment shots, like kids playing and special moments between guests. You may be on a tight budget but it is worth spending the extra cash.

Have Disposable Cameras for Your Guests
Sometimes the best moments are between guests. Spend some money on disposable cameras and put them out on the tables. This is a great chance to get your guests to take photos of each other and give you a wedding present to remember. Warning: you will get some candid shots when you opt for this method of photography. Guests are great at getting shots that professional photographers can’t because of the quick happenings at weddings.

Plan Your Special Shots with the Wedding Photographer
Are there any special shots that you want taken after the wedding. You’ll have the obvious of you and your bride/groom, with the parents and grandparents, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, etc. but what about other guests that are close to you. You could opt for some of the following:

  • Photos with close school friends that aren’t part of the wedding party
  • Photos with children who you’re close to
  • Shots of a special part of the day, like getting ready, your bouquet or that something borrowed if it means something
  • Shots with the ushers and other important people in your day

Invest in a Photo Booth
A photo booth is a great way to add more to your wedding. It’s fun for your guests and you will have a lot of photos to look back on and laugh at. Consider photographers who have proven to be skilled in this area, such as Lone Star Photo Booth of San Antonio. These types of shots are usually done in a photo booth style with hats, glasses and other fun accessories. They’re a chance for the young and old to enjoy their day and you’ll get to keep the shots afterwards!

Enjoy your day and let the wedding photography make it even more special. Try out different ideas and talk to your friends and family members about your thoughts. You will soon get great ways for your guests to have fun and give you shots that they think you should remember.

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This guest post was written by author name, a wedding photographer. She has worked in many events and really recommends Lone Star Photo Booth of San Antonio to keep your guests entertained throughout the night.

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