Top Benefits of Using Green Screen Studio

Written by  on August 13, 2013 

Often the film-makers, through their motion pictures take you to a new wonderland of fantasy and awe; by combining different genres of live action and fantastic visual effects. When you watch these movies, you often tend to ask the obvious questions related to lighting, background and shooting materials.

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What is a Green Screen Studio?

In the current advanced neo-digital arena of film-making, a green screen is used and in simple terms, it is a way of instruction to the camera to replace everything it sees as green color, with whatever the director wants it to be replaced with. In other words it’s the technology of lighting, shooting and retouching a scene in the way the director wants the viewer to see it.

This technology is also known as Chroma Key and is a technique, which is used in composite pictures or to put different frames into one single frame where, the color of one object is enhanced while the color of others are hidden. In this way, the objects placed in front gets transparent and the objects placed behind becomes visible. The process applied in this technology is famously known as the color separation overlay. Many a times, blue color is used for this technique, but most directors or camera-man prefer green color because of its high sensitivity to the camera. Various green screen kit objects like backdrop, lights and body suit are used while using the chroma key technology for giving different desired effects in the picture.

Benefits and Uses of Green Screen

  • If you need to remove the subject from the picture, you can use a green backdrop and also the actor or the model should wear a green dress; the matching color of the backdrop and the dress helps in hiding the subject and replace him/her by another object by the green screen video editor.
  • Since green color is the farthest color form the skin tone, it is widely used for this technology. And helps in replacing the subject with another object. It also helps in separating the foreground from the background.
  • The green channel used in the technology gives you little to no problems of noise and produces the cleanest mask you can imagine.
  • You need not arrange for extra lightings, if you are using green screen since it has high sensitivity to camera sensors.

Rent or Build a Green

You may always find yourself in a dilemma of whether it is the best option to build your own exclusive green screen studio or to rent it.  There is no one answer for it and totally depends on certain factors which you face while film-making and on your requirement. They are:

You will find that different manufacturers of green screen studio offer different shades of green color. If you are capable of paying the rent along with fulfilling your other requirements; then a green screen studio hire is definitely the best option for you.

If you need to delete a full natural landscape; or few buildings, vehicles or poles from a particular shot which, according to you is unsuitable; then you should buy collapsible green screens. The collapsible green screens can be taken down or put up easily and require your minimal efforts to be put in. This feature makes them a great choice for removing backgrounds but leaves the rest of the scene intact.

  • If you plan to do a lot of work using this technology, you should build it rather than renting it. You can make it a diminutive part of one picture or a permanent part of your film-making section. When your job is done, you can place your actors in a virtual world created by you.


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