Top wedding mistakes you must certainly avoid

Written by  on April 10, 2019 

There are many different ceremonies that people like to perform to complete certain social rituals. From birthday parties to funerals, our social interaction is filled with rituals. Weddings are among the most common and enjoyable ceremonies, and it is a tribute to love and companionship that many people are willing to make.

Wedding - Top wedding mistakes you must certainly avoid

One of the best ways to remember this day is to have pictures that encapsulate every moment that you and your partner enjoyed the ceremony and the party with family and friends. It is essential to find the right professional to take charge of the photo shoot at your wedding. This is something that should not be on the shoulders of an amateur.

Many photographers agree that these are some of the most common mistakes that can happen when it comes to taking pictures in a wedding. Make sure you avoid most of them that big day!

1. Not signing a contract with a professional

Many family members and friends what to be part of the fun, but just because they have a great camera, it does not mean they are good photographers. Sign a contract with the best photographer in your area and make sure the contract specifies what is included. The number of pictures, people included, effects to be used, edition, printed photos; these should all be clarified in the contract.

2. Improvising the poses

Prior to the wedding ceremony day, there has to be a meeting with the photographer to learn the poses that will be used. Don’t waste time trying to improvise cool poses that can end up wrong. Learn the moves and be ready to pose at the sound of the click.

3. Take suggestions from the crowd

When it comes to taking pictures, it seems that everyone has something to say about it. Now that cellphones have very nice cameras and many people can have pretty decent looking photos in their memory card, it is unavoidable to receive pieces of advice from people who are not photographers. Try to stick to your plan and talk to a professional photographer about the “pieces of advice” that you should follow.

4. Not getting everyone in the picture

This is something that can happen to many professional photographers because of a lack of information between the bride, groom, wedding planner, and photographer. They are not the ones related to your family and friends, so they might miss who is the important family member that has to be included in many group photos.

5. Not following trends and fashion

Even if the photographer has the best piece of equipment, it is very easy to have photo poses and settings that are not attractive anymore. Try to be clear about the type of pictures you want for your wedding day, so that instructions to the set of professionals are given correctly.

Other pictures to solve on the day

There are other things related to pictures that have to be taken care of the day of the wedding. We are talking about those guests who had too many drinks and won’t pose for the photographer, they might be quite of a problem, and the best solution is to shoot on the go. Try to catch many pictures to have a wider selection to choose from. Another option is to have them in a video so that later, pictures can be selected from the video.

These are just some of the most common issues that can happen on the day of the wedding. A professional photographer will surely know how to handle them because these are frequent events in these situations. So make sure you find the right people to work with, they have the experience and the tricks to solve many of the problems.

The most important part of the day is to enjoy it! By having a good crew to handle your photos you can relax and enjoy the wedding 100%. There are important moments that need to be lived and later trapped in hose fantastic photos. By visiting the pictures, all family members can be part of the day and share their thoughts and memories about that special moment in the new couple’s life. You can also hire a Budget friendly photographer in Los Angeles.

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