Treasured Memory, Photo Albums for Each and Every Occasion

Written by  on July 9, 2013 

Photographs are a snapshot of a moment and are a great way to create memories that will last for a very long time. However, reams of photos in disarray are not the best way to preserve these memories. Rather, it is better where possible to organise them presentably, into albums or decorative books.

Photo Book 500x268 - Treasured Memory, Photo Albums for Each and Every Occasion

Photo books truly never go out of fashion and they are always an item of interest or for discussion with family, friends and even new acquaintances. They offer a wonderful glimpse into a person’s memory and are a great way to collect certain recollections together in such a way that they will never be forgotten. As they are so special and important, it is almost necessary to do them right, rather than chucking them together in a haphazard way. Below are a few tips for creating the perfect photo book.

The Photography
This is very much a matter of choice. Professional photography is one of the obvious options and is preferable for a number of reasons; a professional will know a number of tricks to get the best out of you photographically, even more significant with trickier subjects such as children or pets. They will also be able to maximise the potential of lighting and backdrop to ensure the nicest possible images. However, the whole point of photo books is that they should be personal and, as the arrangement through companies such as Photo Leaf is mostly left down to you, why not do the photography yourself too? It will be more natural, will take place in a wider mix of settings and there is a better chance that each of the pictures included will have an interesting story attached, whether from a holiday, a wedding or just a day out.

The Arrangement
This is where photo books really come into their own and what makes them stand apart from frames on the wall or mere collections of photos in a packet. This allows the photos as a whole to tell their own story, whether this is the course of a couple’s romance, or a child growing up and this narrative is often crucial to creating the kind of memories that you want to remember for all the right reasons. Album services such as Photo Leaf offer a wide number of suggestions and options to give you inspiration, but ultimately leave the decision up to you so you can choose the placement you want, the captions to describe the events or the story of the photos and even the design of the front and back covers, for a more attractive, all-round photographic item.

Overall, services such as Photo Leaf have totally changed the way photos are presented and preserved and consequently, the way that we maintain memories too. Now, instead of having to insert photos by hand into albums, professional photo books can be created that would not look out of place on your coffee table, telling a story.

Mary James worked as a professional photographer for thirty years and has constantly aimed to stay at the forefront of the market with new and innovative products. Consequently, she is well placed to cover the topic of photo albums for a range of art websites and blogs, including Photo Leaf.

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