Wedding Photos All Scrapbooks Should Have

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One of the most important people you will need to hire for your wedding is your wedding photographer because they will be responsible for capturing your memories on film. It is very customary to hire a professional photographer with a strong background in wedding photography in order to get all of the shots that you want to include in your scrapbook. Most wedding photographers will have a very robust portfolio that you can inspect ahead of time to ensure that you like their artistic style and that they have experience in the type of photos that you want to have taken. However, knowing exactly what you are looking for will help you decide on the right photographer for your wedding and will eliminate any guesswork from the selection process. Here are some classic wedding photos all scrapbooks should have in order for you to remember your wedding day in full detail.

scrapbook - Wedding Photos All Scrapbooks Should Have

Preparation Photos

One of my personal favorite parts of the wedding day has always been the preparation of the bride. There are few things more memorable then the moments before your ceremony when you are alone with your closest girlfriends, so getting plenty of great pictures of this time frame is very important to any great wedding scrapbook. During the preparation photo shoot, it is typical to get pictures of the bride and her bridal party doing their hair and makeup. Additionally, the photographer should take this time to capture pictures of the wedding dress, tiara, and wedding shoes in candid shots before the bride puts them on. These pictures are by far some of the most important because they will be the last photos you take before you are a married woman.

Departure Photos

After the reception is over, the newly married couple traditionally makes their departure from the venue in dramatic style. Whether they are heading off to a honeymoon immediately or just heading back to their room to rest their weary heads, it’s important to get good pictures to finish off the night. Many couples do a “grand exit” with all of their friends and family lined up to see them off, so having a photographer that can capture this moment properly is very important. This is particularly true if your reception will be ending when it’s dark outside because night shots are more difficult to get right than daytime photos. Just make sure you wedding photographer is able to get your exit pictures right to finish off your scrapbook and you know that you have chosen the perfect person for the job.

Ceremony Photos

The ceremony is probably the most important part of the wedding day to appropriately capture on film because it is the main event. The vast majority of your wedding photos will be taken during the ceremony, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding a photographer with plenty of example in their portfolio. Usually, the photographer will begin by taking photos of the groom and his groomsmen waiting for the bride at the altar, then head out to where the bride is waiting to make her entrance and take photos as she heads down the aisle. After that, though there will be plenty of pictures taken during the exchanging of vows, the most important picture during the ceremony is the kiss. Make sure your photographer knows how to take a great “first kiss” photo because this will be the centerpiece to your entire wedding scrapbook.

Reception Photos

The wedding reception is a great time to get a ton of fun photos of you and your guests cutting loose and having a great time. It is not uncommon for couples to include a variety of props in their reception photo shoots to make them more entertaining to look at such as oversized sunglasses, funny hats, and wedding sparklers. To get the best pictures possible, it is important to find the best source for wedding sparklers and other props so that they look great on film. You’ll also want to make sure that your photographer is able to take good pictures of the important parts of the reception such as the first dance, garter toss, and the bride tossing her bouquet since these are very important to any great wedding scrapbook.

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