Wildlife Photography Destinations in Europe

Written by  on September 3, 2019 

For many years, Europe has been teeming with wildlife, from the warm beaches of the Mediterranean all the way to snow-capped tops of mountains. The high mountains offer glorious alpine scenery with a perfect view of fascinating insects and delicate alpine blooms. If you enjoy photography and love wildlife, then Europe is the best place to be. It is easy to locate captive animals in various wildlife parks with animals that will obligingly pose for the camera. Some of the best photography destinations in Europe include the Scottish Highlands and Island, the Dalmatian Coast, the Svalbard Archipelago, and the Martinselkonen nature reserve.

Scottish Highland Cow - Wildlife Photography Destinations in Europe

The Scottish Highlands and Islands

The Scottish Highlands is a volcanic island and the home of the most impressive sea birds in entire Europe. The volcanic cliffs are full of seabirds and the nesting place for millions of birds; hence, making the highland the most crucial breeding ground for seabird in Europe. In addition, the place is the largest gannet colony with over one hundred birds. Photographers find this place very interesting to capture birds as they fly up the skies.

Nationak Park Krka Dalmatia Croatia - Wildlife Photography Destinations in Europe

The Dalmatian Coast

This is a national park ragged with glacier-scoured plateaus, clear lakes, and dense pines. The glass-like water that surrounds the Montenegro and Croatia is clear such that one can straight to the bottom. Some of the animals in the park include the wolves, wild cats, brown bears, wild cats, among others. The nature of the coastline makes rugged shores with turquoise caves and other hidden caves. The background, which appears to be green, makes the island the best destination for the wildlife destinations photographer. The Kayaks gives the photographer the flexibility to access the island with the use of their cameras, as well as other hidden caves that cannot be reached otherwise.

Svalbard Archipelago Wild Flowers - Wildlife Photography Destinations in Europe

The Svalbard Archipelago

The Svalbard Archipelago is full of beautiful wildflowers. These wildflowers grow through the ice to the harsh tundra of the Arctic. Apart from the flower, there are wildlife animals such as polar bears, foxes, walruses, and reindeer. The best time to take picture is during summer when Svalbard experiences sunlight for twenty-four hours per day. This season is also known as midnight sun since the sun also appears at night. Photographer can take photo while the polar bears are walking from one place to another. In addition, the changing of weather and air conditions makes Svalbard the best photography destination.

Bear in Martinselkonen Nature Reserve - Wildlife Photography Destinations in Europe

Martinselkonen Nature Reserve

This is a tranquil wilderness located in Finland with different species of bears. The forest around it offers photographers the opportunities to take photos of woodland birds such as Siberian jay, woodpeckers, and rustic bunting. However, the Martinselkonen Nature Reserve is only opened from April to August. The reserve is ideal for watching bears and taking their pictures. To visit these scenes, one need to undergo driving practical test since most of these place have dangerous animals. Hence, the driver should be experienced on how to run away from them.

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