Wonders Captured In Just A Click

Written by  on July 11, 2013 

If you are passionate of photography then, Canon EOS 70D is the perfect possession for you. This camera replaces earlier Canon EOS 60D, which initially appeared in the DSLR line up of manufacturer some time back in the year 2010. Canon 70D is basically designed for keen photographers who wish to convert their hobby of photography into profession. They require versatile camera which is capable to shoot in the range of situations and which also offers sufficient control. It even has automatic options which help the people who are new to photography and who want to develop the skills of photography.

Canon EOS 70D 500x291 - Wonders Captured In Just A Click

Most interesting fact about Canon 70D is that company has eventually broken from using their effective pixel sensor of 18 million, and this new camera has the effective pixel CMOS device of 20.2 million. It is even coupled with the Digit 5+ processor which enables maximum and continuous rate of shooting as well as range of native sensitivity with the ISO 25,600 expansion setting.

The sensor of this camera uses the complete latest technology, as this is the device of Dual Pixel CMOS, that is designed for improving the autofocusing in the Live View as well as in the mode of video. Every pixel site on sensor has 2 photodiodes below single micro-lens. Every diode may read quite independently, and which even enables the kind of phase detection and autofocusing which drives lens in focus.

Even though each ‘pixel’ is with the device of dual diode, just central eighty percentages are basically used for the purpose of auto focusing, for the reason using outer edges can make system quite more prone to issues and errors.

As similar with the DSLR, even there is the phase detection of autofocus system which is basically used when the images get composed in viewfinder. However, it is same like AF system which is available inside Canon EOS 70D, and it also has about 19 AF points, entire of these are cross type.

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